FORMED in May of 1989, Esprime Limited strived to provide first class services to bridge between customers and suppliers in the field of camping goods.

AIMING at streamlining all aspects of business, procuring excellent quality of management and strengthening connexion of our well established affilated companies, S.S.I. Holding (Far East) Limited was found in November of 1995 with association of Simex Sport GmbH, a German base corporation of over 30 years experience in sport related business when inception.

WITH registered office in Hong Kong,  a world-renowned city for its efficiencies in many sectors, S.S.I. have been forming a stronger and growing world-wild business network between customers from all over the world and suppliers in China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, and other south asian countries.  We are proved by our previous sales records to be particularly competitive in market, just like the honour we earned over past decades.

BONDING with our offices and factories situated in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Nanhai, and Shenzhen, we together form and become a turn key solution to China just for your business.

 IF you are looking for a quality and shipment reliable business partner, we might probably be the closest you can get.




 ESPRIME  LIMITED  -  Sleeping bag, tent, backback, and other outdoor/camping equipment and accessory.

  T : (852) 2736 8626        F : (852) 2730 5406        E :


 PRIME-TEX  LIMITED  -  Wide variety of sports garment.

  T : (852) 2730 8682        F : (852) 2992 0002        E :


 SSI  MARKETING  (FAR  EAST)  LIMITED  -  China and Hong Kong markets.

  T : (852) 2730 2893        F : (852) 2992 0002        E :


 YASHIMA  (HONG  KONG)  LIMITED  -  Ball, ice skate, swimming goggles, flocked mattress, inflatable item.

  T : (852) 2302 0473        F : (852) 2385 7218        E :